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Thomas Chittum’s Civil War Two–A Recap from Amazon

Chittum talks about phases of Civil War II: 1. Tribalization, or the undermining of the concept of citizenship. 2. The creeping loss of democracy to private, governmental institutions and international bodies. 3. Gradually falling wages. 4. Slow decay of infrastructure in our cities and the abandonment by Americans and their replacement by minorities wedded to welfare and affirmative action. 5. Growing legal & illegal immigration to transform America into a typical Third World country. 6. Massive drive for gun control to cripple military potential from the working class. 7. Cooperation of the mass media to dumb down the population.

Near the end of the book he makes projections that you can see happening right now:

1. Shrinking hourly wage. 2. More immigrants than Americans. 3. Foreigners hold most Federal Debt. 4. Twenty million Third World slums on our borders known as ‘colonias’. 5. Manufacturing jobs moved out of USA making it impossible for us to make or sell anything to the world. 6. Republican & Democratic politicians refusing to deal with immigration crisis. Worse, both parties aid & abet it. 7. Growing power of advocates of Aztlan or the reconquest of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas by Mexico.

(A new edition of Mr. Chittum’s book can ordered from Amazon. I t can also be ordered or downloaded from

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